Watch: Video of Conan Trashing Haiti in 2005 Surfaces

A video of Conan O’brien trashing Haiti on-air back in 2005 recently surfaced. In the 14-second clip, Conan jokes about Haiti’s continued poverty despite centuries of independence:

“Haiti, you just celebrated 200 years of independence, congratulations. Now make a wish and blow out your burning pile of tires,” O’brien says.


The video has resurfaced right after O’brien engaged in a political dispute with President Trump over Trump’s comments referring to countries like Haiti as “shitholes”. In an effort to prove the president’s comments wrong, O’brien made a publicity trip of Haiti in an effort to highlight the island nation’s beauty.

The trip came under heavy criticism after O’brien stayed at security-protected luxury resorts and posted what some claimed were carefully selected images that hid the realistic living conditions of the poorest country in the Americas.

Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with a GDP per capita of only $846 (according to a 2014 report by the World Bank) and with 80% of it’s citizens living in poverty. The U.S. State Department had also issued a travel safety warning for Haiti in 2017, classifying the capital Port-Au-Prince as being “a critical-threat location for crime”.

But they didn’t stop there. Upon returning, O’brien and other celebrities like Bill Maher posted pictures of themselves sporting shirts that read “Haiti is Great Already”.

If they think a country suffering the world’s most extreme poverty is great, I’d hate to see what they consider as bad.

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  • enzomedici

    If Haiti is so great, then we don’t need to give them any more aid and we have no reason to accept any refugees from there. Conan and Maher should relocate to Haiti and enjoy the splendors.