Peak Virtue Signaling? Oscars Ratings Drop to Lowest Ever

The 90th Annual Academy Awards suffered a catastrophic 19 percent decline in views year over year, sinking to just 26.5 million viewers. The ratings are the lowest in the back-patting ceremony’s history and a 5 million drop from a decade ago.

Last Night host Jimmy Kimmel’s return as Oscars host brought an 18.9 rating to the show but did little to bring back previous watchers.

During the night, Kimmel used his role to address hot topics like the pay gap, diversity, and gun control. But many have characterized the annual event as little more than a grandstanding platform for virtue signaling by out of touch hypocrites.

Hollywood finds itself in a rough spot after a floodgate of sexual assault allegations rocked the foundations of the entertainment industry.

But that didn’t stop some of Hollywood’s biggest stars from making tone-deaf comments. Even in the wake of the #metoo movement, Ellen Degeneres tweeted some advice to Kimmel that shows just how little Hollywood has learned:

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