“Lock Them in and Burn it Down”: Radical Leftists Disrupt Jordan Peterson Event

Jordan Peterson, now Canada’s most famous intellectual, is no stranger to protest. In an all too familiar scene, a presentation Peterson was giving at Queen’s University in Ontario was disrupted by an angry mob of radical leftist students.

Ironically, the topic of the presentation, entitled “The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech in Canada,” was free speech.

Not far into the lecture, a man in the balcony began shouting abuse at Peterson while two women walked onto the stage holding a banner reading “Freedom to smash bigotry.” The three were booed by the audience, and the women sprayed the crowd with an unidentified liquid as they left.

A mob outside shouted slogans and banged on the doors of the hall, ultimately breaking one of the stained glass windows.

They then blocked the front and back doors with trash bins, forcing Peterson and the audience to exit via an adjacent hall. When leaving, they were forced to walk through a gauntlet of seething protesters, some of whom were out for blood, shouting “Lock them in and burn it down” to the cheers of the mob.

Peterson reacted to the events on Twitter and pointed out one of the protesters with a history of disruption:

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  • EricBenndorf

    These protesters are mentally ill from years of brainwashing.