Total Collapse: 4 in 10 Venezuelans Would Leave the Country as People Butcher Dogs in the Street for Food

Colombian guards patrol barriers at the border of Venezuela

A new Gallup poll shows more than 4 in 10 Venezuelans (41%) said they would permanently leave the country if possible. That number is a steep increase from only 15% just four years ago.

The report comes as Venezuela’s upheaval has driven thousands of citizens to flee the country amid economic and political chaos. Caracas, the country’s capital, was also ranked as the world’s most dangerous capital city in 2017.

Despite having more oil than any other nation in the world, Venezuela has been unable to capitalize on its only major source of revenue. In December 2017, Venezuela’s oil production fell to its lowest level in three decades, adding to the strife of people in the country.

The government uses what little revenue it gets from oil exports on food and medicine. But the economic decline has already taken a significant toll on public health, with malaria, infant deaths, and maternal deaths all rising steeply, according to official figures.

As the government battles hyperinflation, food insecurity has become a leading concern for many citizens. A recent video showing disturbing footage of a man killing a dog in the street for food highlights the severity of the situation.

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