ROARING BACK: 313,000 Jobs Added in February, Nearly 3 Million Since Election

“The jobs recovery is broadening out and benefiting all Americans.” – CNN

“February Jobs Report Was So Good, It Caught Many Economists Off Guard” – NPR

313,000 jobs were added in February, smashing predictions of only 200,000, leading to the highest number of workers returning to the workforce in 35 years.

Blue-collar sectors drove the gains, with 92,000 added in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Retailers contributed to another 50,000. The gains were so big and pervasive they took many economists by surprise, with job search site Indeed’s chief economist Jed Kolko writing “Almost Nobody Left Behind in February’s Jobs Report.”

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

In a statement at Friday’s press contrast, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the US has added nearly three million jobs since Donald Trump was elected President, crediting Trump’s efforts of cutting taxes and deregulation.

“The federal government is getting out of the way and the American people are innovating, building, and creating jobs,” Sanders said.

The gains in manufacturing and construction are a timely sign as Trump implemented a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum. The moves are meant to protect U.S. manufacturing from what Trump has called unfair trade deals with countries like Mexico, Canada, and China.

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