Politico Bends the Knee: “Trump is Winning”

In a rare moment for the U.S. Mainstream Media, Politico Magazine published a piece title “Trump is Winning”, admitting that “Donald Trump is on track to win reelection to the presidency of the United States.”

The article, written by Matt Latimer, is a stark admission by the established media that Trump will be able to last not just one, but possibly two terms as president. According to Latimer, it seems no matter what gets thrown Trump’s way, he always has a knack for charging ahead unscathed.

“Despite Russiagate, despite shitholegate and despite whatever gate he blunders through next. Despite approval ratings that would make Nixon weep. Despite his mind-numbing political misjudgments—defending accused pedophiles, for example—and the endless, unnecessary daily drama. Trump is winning.”

Is it luck? Partly, Latimer writes. But Trump has also won a litany of strong political wins in his first year, such as passing tax reform, repealing the unpopular Obamacare mandate, diminishing the influence of ISIS, and just this week, getting North Korea’s Kim Jung Un to the negotiating table.

But Latimer also admits that the failure to stop Trump lies heavily in the weak and unorganized ‘resistance’ by the Democrat opposision.

“His opposition can’t get their act together. Who speaks for the Democratic Party? Depends on what time it is. What does the Democratic Party stand for? Well, they hate Trump and Russia. Oh, and they oppose tax cuts, always a popular proposition, especially at a time when Trump’s supposedly satanic tax bill has now found favor with a majority of the nation,” Latimer wrote.

And Democrats shouldn’t put their hopes on a white knight coming to save them. Latimer also expressed doubts that the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into claims Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey will lead anywhere.

“Most likely, Mueller and his team will compile a persuasive but not conclusive case that the president committed one or more crimes, leaving it for the good men and women of the United States Congress to decide what to do about it. And when has Congress last been counted on to do the right thing?” he added.

Now, even to critics, it appears the “Trump Train” isn’t losing any steam just yet.

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